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Let’s say you smile into the mirror and your mug is gorgeous but for the stains and wear on your front teeth. Veneers might be a terrific option for you. Made of porcelain and custom color-matched to your teeth – or your desired teeth! – veneers are a permanent option to restore evenness, youth, and beauty to your smile. Here’s how it works: Dr. Cox will meet with you to discuss your smile priorities. Then, he’ll match your teeth and order your veneers. At a separate appointment, he’ll prepare your teeth and apply the veneers in one shot. You’ll leave his office with a brand new grin.

Chipped, cracked, or gapped teeth might make you feel like hiding your smile. With composite bonding, we use a tooth-colored material to fill and fix these imperfections. It’s easy, it doesn’t hurt, it’s relatively fast, and it can last a lifetime.


We offer Ultradent Boost in-office whitening. Ultradent Boost is our choice because it contains fluoride, thereby strengthening your teeth while we whiten. The products are gluten free and Kosher certified, so there’s no need to worry whether whitening will affect your dietary health or conflict with your religious convictions. Ask Dr. Cox about in-office whitening today.


We offer Ultradent take-home kits if you prefer. The same high-quality product we use in-house, tailored for use at home. You’ll get everything you need including whitening gel and trays and thorough instructions for what to do once you’re home. Don’t waste your hard-earned cash on over-the-counter whitening. Choose quality, professional products from Scarsdale Smiles.

Minimal-Prep veneers offer a slightly more flexible option for beautifying that gorgeous face of yours insofar as they do not have to be permanent. They offer the same, reliable results and the same color-match customization, but instead of being applied after removing some tooth, they are applied with an extremely strong bonding agent (that’s dentist-talk for glue).

We want to be up-front with you. We know sometimes people neglect their mouths. We understand. We love you anyway, and we can’t think of anything we’d rather do than help you reconnect to your mouth’s former health and beauty. There are a lot of long-term reasons to get your mouth fixed up, even if you are embarrassed (don’t worry, we won’t lecture or judge you) including links between gum disease and heart disease, and your bite health—a bad bite can cause headaches and upper-back pain among other problems. A full-mouth restoration is a combination of restorative and cosmetic procedures. One of the many fantastic side-effects of giving your mouth the attention it deserves? A perfect smile.

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