Are Electric Toothbrushes Actually Better?

You hear it from every dentist: brushing your teeth twice a day is the single, most important preventive technique anyone can do to reduce their risk of cavities, plaque, and other oral health issues. However, the technique matters quite a lot, because through brushing you should ideally remove most of the food particles, debris, and bacteria from your mouth.

So naturally, many patients wonder if they should upgrade from a manual toothbrush to an electrical one. But are electric toothbrushes actually better at keeping your teeth healthy?

Keep reading to find out the answer!

Manual versus Electric Toothbrushes

Let’s look at a side by side comparison to determine whether an electric or manual toothbrush can yield the most benefits:

  • Convenience and ease of use: Electric toothbrushes are more convenient than manual ones since the bristles vibrate and rotate to help you clean the mouth. This can be a great thing for people with various mobility issues, such as those suffering from arthritis;
  • Thoroughness - Electric toothbrushes have built-in timers which tell you when to move the toothbrush from one side of your mouth to the other. If you follow the timer, you can get a very thorough tooth cleaning. With manual, you may want to set up a timer yourself to ensure you’re brushing your teeth for around two minutes;
  • Tooth protection: Studies have found that electric toothbrushes are around 21% better at reducing plaque, and 11% better at reducing gingivitis. Manual toothbrushes can also reduce these risks a lot, but it all depends on the technique you use to brush your teeth. Electric toothbrushes essentially do this work for you;
  • Affordability: Manual toothbrushes are, by far, the more affordable, as they can cost as little as $1, while an electric toothbrush can range from $20 to $200 or more, depending on the brand and settings.

So, Which One Is Better?

Electric toothbrushes offer a more convenient way to clean your teeth thoroughly. However, you don’t have to switch to one, necessarily. If you are mindful with your brushing, a manual toothbrush can do the job just fine too.

But no matter which you choose, brushing at home and flossing are only part of a good oral hygiene routine. It’s also important to see the dentist for professional cleaning routinely, as even an electric toothbrush won’t remove all debris from your mouth as the dentist can.

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