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Restorative Dentistry in Scarsdale

If you have damaged or missing teeth, we offer a wide range of restorative treatments to meet the needs of every patient. Dr. Cox has years of experience successfully repairing smiles, and he focuses on both function and aesthetics to ensure optimal results for every treatment. If you have one or more damaged teeth, call us today to schedule restorative care!

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Damaged, Chipped, or Cracked Tooth?

At Scarsdale Smiles, we focus on restoring both the natural appearance and functionality of your teeth

Getting help for a damaged or missing tooth right away will prevent further complications and expense

We offer numbing and sedation options to keep you comfortable throughout the process

With a wide variety of restorative treatments, we offer versatile smile restoration

Repair Your Smile

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Do I Need a Composite or Amalgam Filling?

If you have a decayed tooth, a dental filling may be the best option to restore your smile. At our office, we offer both composite and amalgam fillings to meet the needs of every patient.

Dental composite is made of a special dental resin and it can be matched to the exact color of your tooth. It offers optimal results with cosmetic benefits for patients looking for a seamless smile after treatment.

In select cases, we also offer traditional metal amalgam fillings. They are highly durable, however, they have a grayish-silver color which some patients find detracts from the natural beauty of their smiles. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Cox today to get started and discuss your options for dental fillings!


Endodontic Therapy, commonly known as Root Canal therapy, is a treatment to repair and save infected teeth. If you have a large cavity or the outer layers of your tooth are broken, the vulnerable nerve and blood vessel-filled pulp can become infected. Root canal therapy involves opening up a hole in your tooth, removing the infected pulp through this hole, then filling the empty space with an inert material. Dr. Cox performs a ton of Root Canal therapy, but in certain situations, he will refer our patients to an Endodontic specialist.

Do I Need Partial or Full Dentures?

Partial dentures from Scarsdale Smiles can replace one or multiple missing teeth. They are made of a plastic or metal wireframe that attaches to your remaining healthy teeth and holds a false tooth in place. Full dentures are usually only recommended if you have lost most or all of your teeth. This is because they are designed to fit directly over your gums, so they require the removal of all of your remaining healthy teeth. To learn more about dentures and discuss your options, contact us to schedule a consultation.

Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extractions may be required to remove damaged teeth that cannot be saved with other restorative treatments. Extractions are also commonly used to remove problematic wisdom teeth, which often cause pain and discomfort when they grow into your mouth during your late teens and early twenties.

At Scarsdale Smiles, we always do our best to save your natural teeth before we suggest an extraction. However, we offer basic tooth extractions and wisdom tooth extractions to ensure that you get relief from troublesome teeth.