Dental Implant Recovery & Care

Dental Implant Recovery & Care – Our Tips For The Recovery Process

Whether you’ve recently received a dental implant in Scarsdale or you’re interested in implants and are wondering what the recovery process is like, you’ve come to the right place. Read on, and Scarsdale Smiles will take a look at a few tips on how to recover from dental implant surgery. 

1. Follow Your Recovery Instructions Closely

You’ll get a set of detailed recovery instructions from Dr. Cox after your surgery. These will outline your expected recovery time, what you should eat after treatment, how to deal with pain and discomfort, and a lot of other helpful information. Make sure to keep these instructions close-at-hand as you heal, and follow them closely to speed up your healing and recovery process. 

2. Avoid Exercise & Heavy Exertion For A Few Days

Take things easy after your surgery. You should avoid exercise as well as heavy exertion (like moving heavy items) for a few days. Exercise and exertion can contribute to oral bleeding and discomfort, so do your best to rest and relax after your surgery. 

3. Eat Mostly Liquid Or Soft Foods For 1-2 Weeks After Surgery

For the first few days after your surgery, you’ll need to eat mostly liquid foods like yogurt, smoothies, pudding, applesauce, and so on. After about a week, you can eat more solid foods like pasta or chicken noodle soup.

About 2 weeks after surgery, you can usually resume your normal diet, but it still may be a good idea to avoid very crunchy foods like apples or chips for a little while. Dr. Cox will discuss your dietary restrictions in further detail after your surgery. 

4. Keep Your Mouth & Implant Site Clean

You should avoid brushing your implant site for the first week or two after surgery, but continue brushing your other teeth normally. 

To clean your implant site, you can rinse with a prescription oral rinse provided by Dr. Cox, or a warm salt water rinse. This will keep the area clean and healthy until you can begin brushing again. 

5. Come To Your Follow-Ups As Scheduled

Your first follow-up appointment at Scarsdale Smiles will usually be scheduled for 1-2 weeks after your surgery, and you will have a few more follow-ups scheduled throughout the next 3-6 months as your implant continues to heal and bond with your jaw.

Make sure to come to all of your follow-ups with Dr. Cox. Not only does he need to check your recovery progress, but this is also when he will begin designing your implant restoration, such as a dental crown. Coming to all of your follow-ups ensures that your treatment will stay on track. 

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