How Long Should You Wear Dentures Each Day?

If you are dealing with extensive dental damage and missing teeth, one solution that can help you regain confidence in your appearance is dentures.

They are a type of removable dental prosthetics, custom-made to fit your mouth and help you achieve your smile goals.

Getting dentures can feel equally exciting and nerve-wracking. You have heard about people complaining about getting sore while wearing their dentures, usually because they wear them too long.

So how much do you actually have to wear your dentures? 

Find out the answer, and more, right below:

You Should Wear Your Dentures for at Least 8 Hours a Day

Patients should generally take out their dentures for 2 key reasons:

  • Sleeping
  • Brushing and flossing

The rest of the time, the dentures should stay on. Usually, dentists recommend wearing dentures for at least 8 hours a day so that your gums can get used to the prosthetics.

However, when you first get your new dentures, you may find it hard to eat with them. You can take them out before eating to prevent your gums from getting sore, but as you get used to your dentures, try them out during meal times.

Opt for softer foods that don’t require lots of chewing to help you ease into using your new dentures. With time you’ll have no problems enjoying your favorite meals with your dentures on.

What Happens If You Stop Wearing Dentures?

It’s essential to continue to wear your dentures daily to support bone and overall oral health. If you stop wearing your dentures for a long time, you will likely not be able to place them back in once you change your mind.

Without the stimulation created during chewing food, your gums and bones can shrink and change their shape. This will mean your dentures won’t fit you properly anymore, but your facial shape can also change as a result.

How to Ease Into Wearing Dentures

Most people’s relationship with dentures is a bit rocky at first, so it’s perfectly normal to feel a bit of discomfort right at the beginning.

Here are some tips that can help you get used to dentures faster:

  • Wear them daily for as many hours as you can
  • Gently massage your gums when taking them out
  • Eat softer foods when first getting your dentures, and gradually introduce harder ones as you go
  • Take small bites
  • Suck on hard candy to control salivation
  • Practice speaking with your dentures in front of the mirror
  • Maintain good oral habits

Find Out If Dentures Are Right for You

If you’re interested in dentures, a short consultation with Scarsdale dentist Alexander Cox DMD, FAGD can help you discover if this is your best shot at a healthier and happier smile.

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