How to Handle a Loose Tooth

It can be scary to notice one of your adult teeth is loose. However, with the right care and swift professional interventions, loose teeth can often be saved.

Loose teeth can happen for a lot of different reasons, such as an injury that directly damages the tooth, or even gum disease. Only a trained professional can truly determine why one of your teeth is suddenly loose.

If you notice one or more teeth are moving, follow these 5 steps to properly handle the situation:

1. Book a Dentist Appointment

There are different ways to treat a loose tooth, and the method will greatly depend on how loose the tooth is and what caused it in the first place. Call your dentist to book an appointment right after you notice your tooth is loose.

If it is moving a lot and you’re afraid it could fall out, consider emergency dental services to get it looked at immediately. If the tooth falls in the meantime, the dentist might be able to place it back in, but you should keep it in a container with milk to preserve it until you make it to your appointment.

2. Don’t Touch the Tooth

It can be tempting to "test" the tooth with your fingers or even your tongue and see how much it moves, but doing so could make matters worse. Try not to touch the tooth at all after you notice it's loose, and avoid chewing food on that side until you see a dentist.

3. Eat Softer Foods

Soft foods that require less chewing are ideal for loose teeth since you need to work the teeth less. Just like with avoiding touching the tooth, this can prevent the tooth from loosening even further.

You should also chew carefully. Take your time and break down the food slowly to avoid disrupting the tooth by mistake.

4. Gently Clean the Mouth

It’s important to continue your oral hygiene even with a loose tooth. You can still brush the rest of your teeth, but it might be best to skip brushing over the loose one, and even not floss around it. Use gentle mouthwash or saline water to cleanse your mouth instead.

5. If It Gets Worse, Seek Immediate Care

Don’t wait for your dentist appointment if you notice the loose tooth is getting worse. The faster someone takes a look at it, the better chances you have not to lose it altogether.

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