Tips To Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy

A lot of parents ask us why they should worry about the health of their kids' baby teeth. After all, this set of teeth is not permanent and will eventually fall out. 

But, here's the thing:

Baby teeth play an important role in the proper development of your child's permanent teeth. Firstly, they hold the space in the jaw for the permanent teeth to properly erupt. Moreover, they help your child eat, chew, and speak. 

Now that we've made it clear why baby teeth are important, let's find out how you can take better care of them in this post from a Scarsdale children's dentist

How to Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy

  • Teach 

If your child is old enough (about two to three years old,) you can start teaching them how to properly brush their teeth on their own. You should still supervise them and clean their teeth yourself afterward just to make sure they got everything. As your child gets older (about six years old,) you can let them brush their teeth on their own completely. 

  • Be an Example

Kids learn best by imitation. If they see you brushing your teeth every day and going to regular dentist visits, they will understand that these are normal habits and will be more likely to copy them. 

Create a routine where you include your child and brush and floss your teeth together. 

  • Go to Regular Dental Check-ups

A key part of keeping your child’s teeth healthy is going to the dentist regularly to evaluate and check their oral health. With preventive dentistry, you can ensure that your child isn't developing any cavities and that their teeth are developing properly. 

  • Pay Attention to Their Diet 

A healthy, balanced diet will not only benefit your child's overall health but their oral health too. Avoid sugary, processed foods to lower the risk of tooth decay and cavities. Instead, offer your child nutritious meals that include lots of fresh veggies and fruits, as well as lean meat, dairy, leafy greens, and healthy carbs. 

  • Consider Dental Sealants 

If your child's teeth are prone to decay, then sealants can help protect them. Sealants are like a coating placed on the chewing surface of the tooth that will make it harder for bacteria to penetrate the deep grooves in your child's teeth. 


To sum it up, these are the most important things you can do to keep your child’s teeth healthy:

  • Daily brushing and flossing 
  • Regular dental visits 
  • Avoid or limit sugary foods 
  • Teach by example

Wanna learn more about how to keep your child’s teeth healthy? Then you should bring your child to Scarsdale Smiles. We promise you that your kid will love our friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere, and joyful approach to dentistry. 

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